We offer wide array of Communication & IT Professional Services:

iosat deploys a variety of technological solutions which enable us to provide the most reliable and efficient  connectivity at affordable rates.

From small size offices to large organizations  iosat  delivers Internet and Itranet connectivity via fiber, point to point radios, satellite and LTE.

In order to provide maximum connectivity up time to our customer’s links we supply a hot back up using different technologies and mediums.

We are constantly monitoring all our links 24/7 and allow our customers access to monitor their own links.



As a one stop shop company that offers a wide rage of technological solutions, iosat also offers consulting services.

Whether its an IT, network, connectivity or security issue iosat can offer a full turnkey solution or just provide professional consulting.along with escorting the project and supervise the contractors.

The consulting and supervise services includes the following stages:

1) Meeting with relevant client representatives in order to understand the needs and requirements .

2) Site survey  – in order to get a close look at the client premises and the current situation.

3) Providing detailed list of required elements (hardware type, quantities, drawings) and technical specifications.

4) Project supervision over the performing contractor in order to fulfill the above requirements


Network Maintenance

iosat maintenance activity includes maintenance of the servers, network devices and stations, as well as preventive maintenance and remote installation and upgrade o softwares.
Maintenance includes all the steps required to locate and repair equipment failures, proactively and in response to the

service call. It includes:

– Backup management. (On-line, cloud , physical storage devices)
– Replacement of defective parts and components, required to restore a complete working order.
– Maintenance of infrastructure software (operating systems, Office, antivirus, etc.)
– Improving functionality of the various servers/stations that were affected by virus, worm or any type of hostile software.
– Performance of remote and on-site support.
– Preventive Maintenance – Periodically (once or twice a week and / or as defined in the agreement).

We perform monitoring and inspection of the organization’s servers via remote control tools.
At the end of the process, we produce a detailed report that describes the inspections made, the status of servers and corrective activities that were taken, as well as next steps recommendations.


Design & Implementation





iosat uses high end network monitoring tools to provide maximum up time to all her costumers internet links.

the 24/7 monitoring allowing us and our clients to detect on time common problems at their network and fix them in minimum time.


Monitoring parameter include:

  • Keep alive sensors from network connections and devices.
  • CPU load and temperature from devices that connected to the network.
  • UP/down time ratio per given time.