As an addition to our Fixed and Maritime packages iosat is offering companies with multiple remote sites on the same location (such as mines, co-located offices,  multiple residences etc.), or distribution needs (such as on-board internet cafe), an extension of the satellite communication network via Wi-Fi or Microwave links.

The wireless links are connecting the main site that is equipped with the VSAT system to nearby sites that need Voice and Internet access.

Another common application is remote monitoring using IP surveillance cameras, feeding the images back to the company headquarters via the satellite link.

The Wi-Fi networks are cost effective (no reoccurring charges) and customer tailored to ensure quality service.

The equipment supplied includes:
  • Access point -Wi-Fi or Microwave with back haul capabilities
  • Antenna – Wi-Fi or Microwave (Omni or Directional)
  • IP Switching – switch or router
  • VoIP – telephones, IP PABX, Voice gateway
  • UPS

We are conducting a site survey on each site to determine with our customers the best installation manner that suits the site.