iosat provides full IP Telephony systems for businesses. Our systems include:
  • IP-PABX – digital IP based telephone exchange with analog interfaces
  • IP Phones – with various features such as attendant console, video etc.
  • Switch – with power over Ethernet for central power management
  • Cellular gateway – allows connectivity to the cellular network
  • Firewall – protects the system from intrusions


IP telephony benefits:
  • Cost savings by connecting to VoIP providers via SIP trunking- Using SIP trunking one can connect to iosat Termination program; reducing phone bills, especially for International routes.
  • Remote Extensions- employees can use software based phones from home or when traveling
  • Branch offices- can be easily added to an existing system and connected through an Internet connection.
  • Trunks between the PABX branches enable free inter-company calls
  • Easier to configure and install than Proprietary phone systems
  • Can be remotely configured and supported. In case of trouble one does not need to wait for a technician to arrive on site
  • Ease of operation- The interface of an IP-PABX is much easier to use than analog PABX
  • Phone location flexibility – Because phones are IP based, they can be moved around just like PCs, by simply plugging them to another LAN socket (no need for wiring changes)
  • Integration with work applications – such as CRM and Outlook enhance business performance.