iosat offers a wide array of Voice Over IP services as well as IP Telephony systems. We operate an advanced VoIP platform offering a full suite of telephony solutions at attractive prices. Our customers can view and control their phone accounts on line thru our advanced web interface.

Our VoIP services enable great savings to organizations, allowing them to virtualize the workplace. Using our solutions managers can save money on calls made and received while traveling. We allow our customers maximum flexibility in directing and forwarding incoming and outgoing calls.

iosat is offering International dial-in numbers from various countries allowing our customers both money savings and a powerful marketing tool showing point of presence to their customers. Companies with international offices employing Expats can offer their employees an easy and affordable way of communicating with their families boosting employee morale.

Customers with large volume of users in one site (such as mines, cruise ships or hotels) can enjoy iosat‘s Calling Card platform. The Calling cards platform eliminate the need of the site owner to deal with billing issues, while providing him a source of income and benefit his end users.