iosat provides Peripheral Security and intrusion detection for small and large sites and premises

If  your business comprises large areas and you are employing large number of security guards
If  you have sensitive or valuable merchandize and need accurate real time alarm.
If  your business has large number of entries and exits and you are suffering from theft.
If  you are suffering from intrusions
If  when there is an intrusion you do  not know about it until its too late

Then you need our solutions

iosat provides Security scenario detection such as dwelling, abandoned objects, and suspicious behavior. Our Complete portfolio of Security Solutions for the corporate market,  provides an intelligent surveillance using analytic image processing and sensor systems for Short or Long-range. We provide Recognition and identification at night or day that solve different challenges on various scenes allowing better and cost effective security.

We employ Integrated Sensor-Camera  with Intelligent Front-end Video  processing, Integrated with wireless links  for backhaul and PTZ cameras located Strategically to provide in-depth video
Analysis, and Back-end recording.