Disaster Recovery Planning is becoming a major concern for companies operating in emerging economies or high risk industries.
iosat helps its customers to facilitate their Disaster Recovery Planning by ensuring the resilience of their network to natural or man-induced disasters by employing satellite redundancy to their network.

We offer two types of business continuity designs:

  • Implementing a satellite fall back to the network WAN
  • Establishing a geographical redundancy to the customer star network by duplicating its hub.
WAN Redundancy

iosat provides the customer with a Satellite connectivity at a redundant WAN port.
If the fiber connectivity on the main WAN port fails, traffic will automatically be diverted to the satellite link.

The satellite capacity is Guaranteed, but priced as disaster recovery occasional use at a fraction of the cost associated with regular links.

Geographical Redundancy

iosat designs and implements a redundant data center for banks and organizations with a need to duplicate their network center. In case of disaster affecting the main data center, all the branches or remote locations automatically revert to a secondary data center