iosat offers a portfolio of highly reliable satellite communication services built on field proven best of breed technology. we provides turn-key packages that include all the equipment, installation, bandwidth, and 24 X 7 technical support as an integrated solution.

Systems are designed to support an array of data networking, digital telephony, broadband Internet access, and real-time video requirements. To meet the different needs and wants of our clients, iosat offers tailored services and customised networks.


Our strengths:
  • Ability to find cost effective voice connectivity solutions, and the flexibility to create least cost routing.
  • High availability and immunity to rain fading.
  • Deep and intimate knowledge of the communication equipment used.
  • Work on board ships, acquaintance with seamen and their culture and knowledge of electronic and mechanical equipment behavior in sea conditions.
  • Close ties to the equipment suppliers.
  • Professional workforce.
  • Strategic partnerships (or ownership) for the terrestrial and satellite portions.
  • Our products and services can be used in large variety of industries and applications:



Dredgers, Cargo ships, Oil and Gas Platforms, Navy vessels, Cruise Ships, Ferries, Yachts.


Land Fixed Terminal

Mines, Call centers, Luxury accommodations, Offices and Remote sites (factories, branches etc.).


Shared Services

Fleets of vessels, multiple site networks.

Our platform allows both SCPC and shared uplink and downlink. We are offering all possible link topologies; shared, SCPC and SCPC-Shared. We choose the best topology for the customer’s application.

iosat offers different architectures such as Star, Mesh and mixed mini-hub. These architectures allow us to offer efficient and secure service to specialized sectors such as banking, government etc.

We are implementing QoS prioritization per protocol, IP or subnet as well as Advanced NMS and Bandwidth management