iosat specialize in five areas of expertise; security solutions, satellite communication, Voice over IP and Computer Telephony solutions, Wireless communication and Information Technology infrastructure. Our expertise enables us to offer our customers a single provider for their whole array of technology needs.

In each of these fields of expertise we offer the customer a wide array of professional services starting from the design phase thru the implementation phase and up to the service and on going technical support. Our solutions are tailored to answer the customer’s needs.
Our services and solutions are based on Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and Internet Protocol (IP) offering the best flexibility available. The IP-based network provides for a compatible plug-and-play environment where costs of integration, mobilization and growth are virtually eliminated. Our platforms allow efficient data transfer from the terrestrial internet and telephony worlds to the remote location
We offer high quality professional services such as security system design, RF planning and network design, IT support for network infrastructure, IP Telephony system design, solutions implementation and support.

iosat offers the most reliable, scalable, and efficient solutions in the field.


Our solutions