Information Transfer Rate

iosat offers high speed internet access at Committed Information Rate (CIR) to its customers. Unlike other providers who promise broadband connections with no guarantied bandwidth resulting at poor or no connection at peak hours, we at iosat believe that our customers deserves known quality of communication.  The CIR and the Maximum Information Rate (MIR) are defined with the customer, depending on his or her needs.
We provide Internet users with high-speed satellite downstream transmissions using Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) format that allows flexible and optimal usage of the downlink, while sharing it among the customer‘s sites. For example a company with 10 offices will share the downlink bandwidth among its offices in such a way that when one office is not using the Internet, the other offices will enjoy faster connection.
iosat in collaboration with its partners creates a direct channel from the Internet backbone to the customer’s local services point, using a high-bandwidth DVB, BOD or SCPC stream. By passing the tangle of terrestrial and submarine networks through the use of satellites we provide fewer route hops, better throughput and a vastly improved end user experience.


Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation
iosat provides dynamic bandwidth allocation on the uplink as well as the downlink. This feature enables optimal use of the uplink having a higher bandwidth at lower costs. We offer a wide variety of uplink possibilities ranging from dedicated solution (SCPC), partially shared (with CIR) to fully shared depending on our customer’s application.