iosat Corporation Ltd. is a leading provider of Cyber Security solutions, IT Infrastructure, Professional services and communication solutions.

The aim of Cyber security is to defend the continuous operation of the organization and support its business goals.
iosat offers a full cycle service to the organization covering the 3 main areas which are People, Processes and Products (Technology). We help the organization
in each of the phases to continuously protect itself against the ever-changing Cyber threat.

Among the services we offer are:

  • Conduct cyber security audits
  • Design and deploy Cyber security products
  • Cyber security as a service
  • Cyber awareness training and testing
  • Penetration tests
  • Consulting
  • Working with esteem Israeli Security partners

Cyber Audit

  • Verifying that information processes are in line with security policy
  • Providing impartial assessment and audit reports
  • Providing an independent opinion on whether the organization is meeting information integrity control objectives
  • Identifying the organization’s security weaknesses
  • Recommending responses to audit findings and appropriate corrective actions
  • Recommending appropriate security controls

Cyber Awareness

  • Employee and management training
  • Threats overview
  • Best practices – how to protect yourself
  • Bring real-world examples to show exactly what an attack looks like
  • Test employee awareness and report vulnerabilities

CISO As A Service

  • Write security policy and procedures
  • Define and implement processes and techniques to ensure ongoing compliance with security policies
  • develop an information security risk management strategy
  • Educate stakeholders about the risks to the organization
  • Instruct staff about the actions being taken to mitigate security risks

Security Products

  • Supply, management and support of Firewalls and Anti-virus programs
  • Design and deploy Cyber security products and configurations (such as IronPort and Umbrella)

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