iosat a leading technology integrator and provider of broadband data services, professional services and security solutions for small and medium size businesses, using best of breed technology.

The company is a supplier of various technological solutions to the corporate world. We supply telephony, data and advanced IT services thru satellite and fiber links, for the maritime and fixed communication markets.

 Why choose iosat

  • Professional, sophisticated and high skilled solution provider
  • Best prices for the most advanced services
  • High quality dependable service
  • Working in Africa for more then 11 years with numerous satisfied clients
  • Years of experience in providing quality services,installing, maintaining and supporting satellite systems and stabilized marine platforms.

The company offers a variety of turnkey solutions for users seeking security solutions, Internet and telephone connectivity, wireless distribution and advanced services such as IT support. These solutions are bundled and priced in such a way that offers a wide array of customers the suitable answer for their needs and wants. The company also offers technical support that includes system design, installation training and on-site service to companies.The company serves multiple markets, such as mobile sat market, fixed terminal SCPC, and fixed terminal shared services, by using a scalable technology that allows maximum flexibility and ease of growth. This technology allows a significant increase in efficiency and reduction in link cost.